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The six-point grievances:

Although we have many areas of difference, we have listed the six main fundamental objectives that need to be resolved. This resolution should be made between ourselves and the administrators, including Inner Circle members, trustees and persons responsible from the following organizations: Osho International Foundation, Neo Sannyas Foundation and the directors/members of Osho Multimedia & Resorts Private Limited and Osho Media International, etc.

It is to be clearly understood by the said trustees, managers and administrators that they are not the ‘owners’, but rather the ‘custodians’ of Osho’s legacy.  This legacy includes: immovable properties; movable properties; intellectual property rights, including their digital versions; and the entire infrastructure supporting the same. These were created for the well-being of the beneficiaries of Osho legacy.



Therefore we ask the said administrators:


To cease creating or causing to create any third-party interests in the trust properties by way of sale, gift, mortgage, lease, endowment, easement, or otherwise. All the infrastructure and facilities created and developed over the years are for the benefit of the Osho community at large.


To reduce existing entry fees from Rs 480/- for Indian nationals and Rs 980/- for foreign nationals and bring them down to a nominal Rs.100/- for all, without prejudice of cult, creed or nationality. This in turn will increase the quantity of visitors, which will result in sharing the costs and bringing back the lively energy-field of Osho’s community.


That they revert to Osho’s original plan for his people and give all his disciples the right to work in the commune for three hours a day while paying entry fees, and up to six hours a day without paying entry fees.


To consider Osho’s much-repeated words: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Following Osho’s advice, we ask them to ensure that all the fundamental decisions be taken by the Inner Circle of 21 people, rather than a handful of persons, as at present.


That they provide total transparency in the decision-making process and accountability in all trust matters. And that they do not award/transfer activities of the trusts in favor of private limited companies. And further, to bring the administration offices of the said trusts from Mumbai and New Delhi to Pune, where the Osho commune is located.


That they cease the indiscriminate banning of fellow travellers seeking entry on trust premises, and stop using the threat of being banned to manipulate disciples’ activities.



We understand that reaching a consensus about how to implement these objectives will ultimately involve an in-depth review of the practicalities involved. We therefore look forward to friendly discussions with the said administrators and the amicable resolution of these sensitive issues.

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