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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we fighting?

We are not fighting. We have differences with the trustees and members of so called management team. We are just following our heart, doing what seems to be right. We believe despite all the differences between all of us that, it’s possible that we all can be at a place which is alive, dancing, singing. There is a lot of fear, control, suppression of voice inside the Ashram and we believe positive change is required.

Why court case?

We have tried many times to communicate with the management of Ashram but all in vain. This is the last try via court case.

Are you trying to make Sannyas a religion?

The Ashram, in it’s current state is a religion. Just by removing Osho’s pictures does not make it a non-religion. It has everything that what it takes to make a religion i.e. fear, rules, suppression, serious and controlled responses. On the contrary, it would be impossible to make a religion out of a place, where love, freedom, dancing and singing can co-exist with all the differences of the sannyasins around the world.

Are you trying to bring the past back, you say Ashram?

We don’t care by what name the place is called, it’s just a name. Whatever is past cannot be brought back, but a new fresh beginning is never too late. We just need to get together and start a fresh.

Why you are spreading negativity?

We are being positive for our master Osho and the place we all created. Power corrupts; we think the current management is corrupt or blind in their power. Raising your voice for truth is not spreading negativity.

Osho appointed these people?

Osho appointed 21 people in His Inner Circle, now there are just 2 left to rule. The other 19 people just left or forced to leave because of many reasons and some even got banned. We have asked this question so many times- to recreate inner circle, but the present rulers do not want to have broader base in decision making.

Why not let the place die?

We respect your decision that the place is no longer important for you. We think it’s possible to make this place alive again, full of life, dance and music with diversity. We are all different and we come together at this place to sing, dance and be a little crazy.

Ashram/commune/resort can be brought back to life - it's becoming a religion (serious, ruled, full of fear), we should get together, what is past cannot be brought back but a new fresh beginning is needed, Osho was choosing 21 people not just 2.

What is your vision for the place?

  • Easy access to meditation and group therapies – Making the place welcoming for Meditation, group therapies for leaders and participants
  • Open Communication – If any of the sannyasins seek any kind of information re: finances, function and management, make it available to them. Transparency in everything, from day to day activities to any complex function.
  • Management of 21 people, from all over the world.
  • Freedom to express
  • Place to be creative, dance, music, paintings, pottery and a thousand other things
  • Involving anybody who would like to be part of giving ideas, future course and sharing

What Osho said?

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