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Osho; an Open Wave

We are a group of individual Osho disciples (sannyasins and friends) aiming to bring Osho and his work into an ‘Open Source’ forum.

For many years since 1974, all of us worked according to Osho’s guidance while living in what we shall hereinafter call the Osho commune, in Pune (but known by the present administrators as the Osho International Meditation Resort).

During the past few years we have become aware that the present administrators of the Osho commune – the trustees and resort authorities, hereinafter referred to as the administrators – are not working as per Osho’s guidance. They have been gradually and systematically trying to eradicate Osho’s spiritual presence and altogether changing the character and purpose of the Pune commune.

One instance of this is in how obvious it is to us that the number of visitors has been visibly and successively decreasing over the years, and that those that come stay for shorter and shorter periods. This is clearly due to the administrators’ restrictive and limiting policies.

Despite acknowledging this decrease in visitors, they have nevertheless continued, deliberately and without respite, to introduce more and more of the said policies. And in this way they have successfully manipulated the character, purpose and spiritual ambience of the Osho commune.

We have learnt that over the last few years the said administrators made many attempts to monopolize and commercialize Osho’s vision in a number of ways, both in the Pune commune, as well as around the world.

Hence we are creating this platform for Osho’s disciples and friends to put their voice both to the concerned persons of the said administrators as well as to the relevant law enforcement agencies, where that is appropriate. We have initiated a legal process in which the said administrators shall be held responsible for their unfulfilled and fundamental obligations towards the Osho community. The list of such unfulfilled obligations is stated in Objectives.

We have already taken one step in this direction by filing an objection to an application recently filed by the trustees of Osho International Foundation (which includes some of the said administrators). They have applied to the office of the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai for a transfer of a portion of the trust premises, by way of a gift, to a separate trust situated in New Delhi. This gift application can be viewed here. This is a well-known legal maneuver designed to sidestep any local publicity about such a move in order to avoid public detection and possible objection.

We would prefer it if the said administrators were to respond to our grievances and try to resolve differences agreeably, rather than through legal means – something that would be tedious, unpleasant and costly. However, we have found that so far our requests to discuss and resolve disagreements amicably have been consistently turned down.

We are left with no option but to take this to a court of law.


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